Concrete is a great material to construct your floors with, either at home or in your office, because it is durable and can take a lot of wear and tear without becoming damaged or worn down like most tiles or carpet. However, when most people think of concrete, they think of the drab, gray, construction material. Decorative Concrete takes this industrial looking building material to the next level, making it completely fit for your home or office.

There are many different types of decorative concrete. You can transform the style, texture, pattern and design of concrete so that it suits your decoration scheme perfectly. Concrete can be manipulated in so many different ways that it can look like wood, tile, or marble, but it has the durability and strength of industrial concrete.

When performing renovations on your home or office, purchasing new building materials and decor can become very expensive. Installing stamped concrete flooring is a great way to save money during the renovation process. Stamped concrete is concrete that has been manipulated during the pouring process to follow the pattern of a variety of natural materials such as wood, cobblestone, brick and fossils. This is a great way to give your driveway or entryway a unique style. Our website provides info about  printed concrete

The fascinating thing about manipulated concrete is that it comes in tons of different designs and colors. After the stamping and dying process, your concrete floors will be unrecognizable. However, if you are going to install concrete flooring that uses dyes, it is best to use the flooring in your home because UV rays cause the dye to fade out.

If you want to give your indoor concrete flooring a natural and varied look, opt for acid staining. This technique of staining your flooring is different than dying because the results vary from slab to slab. Each slab or tile has its own unique color, print, and pattern that look natural and casual as interior flooring. Like dying, this technique is best suited for indoor flooring, as outdoor elements such as rain and sun can cause damage to the color.

If you want a more translucent look to your indoor or outdoor flooring, water-based staining is preferred over acid-based. This type of staining also results in all of your slabs having their own unique color and opaqueness. Talk to a professional at the concrete business you hire to see what sort of products they use for water-based staining, because there are many variations.

If you own a business or you want a giant concrete mural in your entryway, you can get large concrete stamped murals. The concrete company will pour the concrete and use a large rubber imprint to stamp on patterns of natural materials such as wood, stone and brick. You can even get large mural prints such as underwater scenes or a grove of trees.

If you are looking to renovate your home or business using Decorative Concrete but do not want to tear out the existing concrete flooring you already have, then engraving is the best option for you. Concrete design companies can engrave your floor by carving in lines and designs, and sanding down the rough edges. You can transform your bland concrete style walkway into an intricate design statement.

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