Some say size doesn’t matter, but in some cases, maybe it does. Today the average home has 3 cars and the need for a 3 car garage has grown. In the past, the two car garage was coveted, where most home owners only had a 1 car garage. Garages are evolving over time and with bigger and better garage doors, our homes are evolving as well.

Back in the day, before we even had cars, we had a stable or outside house that stored our transportation such as the horse and buggy. These outside houses were multifunctional and stores the horses and the carriage. Often referred to as carriage houses, eventually they were changed to just store vehicles as the automobile became more popular. Only the rich had the privilege of owning a carriage house, because they were the only ones to own a car. As the auto went mainstream do did the carriage house, which eventually became what is known today as the garage.Find Out More:car garages dublin.

The word garage is derived from the French word gara – meaning to store. The upper class did not want to park their autos next to horses and stink up their autos with the smell of manure. The separate carriage houses or garages were made exclusively for the automobile. This separate building remained in society well into the 1970’s, where we then began to attach the garage to the home, so as not to have to bear the outside elements every time we wanted to enter our vehicle. Typically, a garage was only the size of the vehicle and only fit one car.

As family size grew, and the number of people owning cars grew, so did the garage. Bigger garages were built and so were bigger and better garage doors. With the invention of the 2 car garage, the need for more styling in garage doors hit the scene. Today garage doors are a market onto themselves. AAARemotes works with major brands to bring remote control access to the garage doors of today. With remote access we now have a better way of opening and closing the garage door. And with the new 3 car garages, it is ever more important to have easy access with the click of a finger. New safety precautions that work with the garage openers ensure that we can operate our garage doors safely and effectively.